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LAMKOTET AGRICULTURAL ENTERPRISE (LAE) is a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE that takes a different approach to resolving the numerous issues affecting agribusiness and agro-processing in Ghana. It’s a financial/management company that provides finance, training, management and logistical support to farmers to assist them produce efficiently and thereby make maximum profit to be enable them pay back their loans. Its subsidiary, Spindex Farms, currently produces poultry, pigs and rabbits.

The SYDA programme, under LAMKOTET Agriculture focuses on training Young Farmers in tropical animal husbandry, crop production, agro-processing, and agricultural management.

Here is a unique opportunity to make a difference to a young African Farmer.  Your support will enable us to:

  • sponsor more young farmers,
  • purchase more land, farm machinery, computers and other essentials
  • invest in a biogas renewable energy system
  • expand by replication